Brand Strategy Development

There are several ways of interpreting brands and oftentimes these are abstract in nature. However, when most people hear a brand name, they automatically tend to imbue the associated products with concrete meanings attained from very personal worldviews. In other words, the “hard” product, packaging, data, promotions, salespeople and the like are interpreted through the senses (i.e. sight, hearing) and then integrated into a cohesive soft image. The intellectual asset behind a brand is as important to a business as its physical asset. Nevertheless, the two cannot be considered a singular unit as the role of management is to carefully utilize resources and add value to the organization by the astute execution of strategy. In order to establish “tangible” brands, the product concept and the marketing communications must be consistent. Hence, the story surrounding the product should paint a vivid picture depicting this relationship. At ASPIRE Intelligence, the aim is to provide clients with excellent strategic brand management resources. Based on the selected growth basis, we help clients gain desired market share, make better investment choices, and devise global strategies that takes into account the clients individuality.

  • It is not only about creating a cool product, it is about the strategy and overall direction. It is also about portraying an image that accurately reflects the organization’s personality and provides the client with a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

  • Based on the client’s needs, domestic and overseas specialists are assigned as a project team to enable the business to excel.

  • Regarding the logos, names and other visuals created during the development process, we thoroughly examine local tastes and incorporate these findings in order to transform the subsequent image into one that resonates with the target market.

  • To reconcile the notions of maintaining strong brand beliefs and the extinction of reformation, we monitor brand “transmission,” revisit the portfolio and expansion, and establish stable means of tracking and enabling consumer loyalty.