Marketing Intelligence

The first step to build a strong business is to deeply understand market landscape and find where opportunities lie. However, ASPIRE’s marketing intelligence service is remotely different from a data-packed “research report”.

While companies may appear to have similar business challenges, solutions are very unique to each project. We begin with digging deep into understanding the truly critical issues and sharing the business goals, needs, and values with the client. We then apply our strong analytical skills to extract a meaningful insight that brings maximum values to the client. ASPIRE also assists clients in defining and refining key strategic elements such as target, pricing, channels, and translate them into a plan with concrete objectives, tactics, and metrics.

Some examples of our clients’ challenges:

  • We are interested in entering the new market (or launch a new product).
  • What is the attractiveness of the market?
  • We aren’t growing as fast as we’d like
  • We need to do more with less
  • We are losing share to new competitors
  • We need to deliver a more consistent customer experience
  • We don’t know who our best customers are
  • We don’t’ know who we should partner up with
  • We are planning to enter a new market, but is it the right choice? How should we go about it?
  • We need to organize more effectively for brand building
  • We need to somehow revamp our products for the overseas market to fit into the market better.
  • Senior management doesn’t believe in brand building
  • We are doing fairly well, but can we do better than “fair”?
  • We need more than a standard text book approach, something creative.
  • We need to improve the socially responsible corporate image
  • Brand performance