Breakthrough Speaking

In today’s global business environment, it is inevitable to communicate with people across border.
Especially many Japanese companies face pressing challenges in the accelerated globalization.

A true global leader must be able to inspire others from different cultures, leverage diversity and value differences, clearly communicate, and engage diverse team members.

ASPIRE Intelligence helps organizations and teams to create synergy and enhance team productivity. However, successful leaders employ effective communication skills to convey and receive messages clearly, persuasively, and powerfully. This is where Breakthrough Speaking™ comes in.

Breakthrough Speaking ™ is a division of ASPIRE Intelligence, where leaders can learn how to deliver polished, persuasive, high-impact presentations and any other public speaking engagements while emotionally connecting with each audience.

Breakthrough Method ® is based on 3 core elements :

1. Cross cultural communication skills that close the gap
2. Speech craft skills that delivers results and lasting impressions
3. Dynamic delivery skills that provides impacts to global audience

With Breakthrough Speaking, you can not just get ready, but stay ready to take on a world stage of public speaking.
Find your breakthrough beyond cultural and language barriers.