Corporate Globalization

Solving organizational and team challenges


Regardless of the strategy, a company cannot achieve success without a healthy organization. Especially with an increasing pressure to globalize in order to remain competitive in today’s global market place, companies face various challenges such as management of culturally diverse people, development of Japanese global leaders who will shine outside of Japan, and global permeation of the corporate values.

However, organizational challenges are complex and require holistic solutions. While systems and rules could be considered “hard measures,” “soft measures” would include ways of communicating in the workplace and fostering trust. Based on our extensive OD experience, we know the best approach to affecting change is not to simply change the existing system, but to improve the soft measures that drive that system.

ASPIRE Intelligence offers Japanese and non-Japanese companies within the US a breath of organizational and team related programs.

Cross-Cultural Communications

In today’s global business environment, there are many opportunities to interact with colleagues, clients or vendors from different cultural backgrounds. In order to be successful working with people of diverse backgrounds, you need to develop communication skills that go beyond merely language ability. This program helps you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and understand cultural differences, avoid friction and miscommunication to build relationships in teams that get results.

Global Facilitation

In today’s fast-paced business world, organizations are increasingly looking to facilitators to make it easier for work teams to achieve their meeting and project goals. Successful facilitators balance effective communications, problem-solving and planning skills to guide the group process with an objective and neutral perspective to preserve an inclusive environment for honest dialogue, creative ideation and quality decision making. This program engages and motivates you through a variety of hands-on activities including group discussion, pair-work, experiential games, and case practice.

Global Team Building

This workshop focuses on achieving mutual understanding among participants, increasing awareness of team synergies, and creating a positive atmosphere wherein participants can more easily realize common goals. You will experience teamwork through hands-on, team-based activities, group discussion on team-building challenges, and prioritizing problems and assembling an effective global team.

Global Leadership

Becoming a leader who is trusted by people of different cultures and can provide effective coaching to achieve results requires a wide range of skills. These include an understanding of cross-cultural issues, expertise in both cross-cultural and virtual communication, the ability to embody and communicate corporate culture, and the skills to initiate change when needed.

Corporate Value Alignment & Integration

Research shows that organizations with an engaging philosophy and shared corporate values are highly competitive. However, a method of cascading the message from the top and trying to make employees learn the organization’s set of values is seldom effective. The key to establishing a shared set of values among all employees is for each employee to first clarify and communicate his or her own set of values. When individuals recognize that the organization’s values are aligned or relate in some meaningful way to their own values then the organization will have truly communicated it’s philosophy.


ASPIRE Intelligence can design a customized program to meet specific client objectives in various situations. Please inquire us.

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